Welcome to Film Dunedin’s Film Permitting App

FilmApp is a simple film permit application platform that helps streamline the application process for everyone.

How to apply for a film permit:

You will need to register both yourself and the film production in FilmApp. 

Please note: Filming for the purpose of current affairs or news is exempt and does not need a film permit.

If you know where you’d like to film and have all your supporting documentation ready, you can get started with two easy steps: 

  1. Register yourself with FilmApp. Each time you login you can select an existing production or create a new application. FilmApp conveniently allows you to save draft applications to complete later. 

  2. Click on ‘Apply for a permit’ and work through the tabs.  

Applications for small-scale shoots must be lodged with complete details by three full business days prior to the shoot date, contingency date or first date of bump in / parking reservation – whichever occurs first.
For applications involving complex logistics or locations, central Dunedin city locations or traffic management a longer lead time may apply. Please contact Film Dunedin or review the Film Application Checklist for guidance. Changes requested within application timeframes may not always be achievable. It is important that feasibility discussions are carried out prior to lodging your application to avoid disappointment. 

Film permits will only be issued within in the Dunedin city boundaries for productions that are registered with ScreenSafe and have read the ScreenSafe Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols.

You also need Public Liability insurance coverage, a Health & Safety Policy and for each location a Risk Register.

For any technical queries relating to FilmApp, please contact the software provider support@apply4.com / 0800 424 325. The FilmApp customer support team will be happy to help. 

Permit fees for commercial filming:

Full day: $575.00
Half day: $287.50

Permit exemptions:

The following types of filming activity are deemed non-commercial and are exempt from having to apply for a permit:

a) Filming conducted as part of news reporting.
b) Filming of private activities not for public distribution (e.g. filming a wedding celebration).
c) Filming conducted purely for educational purposes and not to be used for commercial gain.
d) Filming conducted by voluntary/non-profit/community organisations for charitable/non-commercial purposes (excluding organisations formed and operating solely for political purposes).

About Film Dunedin

Film Dunedin issues and facilitates film permits on behalf of the Dunedin City Council. Please get in touch with Dunedin's Film Commissioner Stefan Roesch if you have any specific questions around permitting, location access or local crew and service providers.

Phone: +64221867551