Welcome to Brent Film Office

Welcome from Brent Film Office!  If you are looking for a location, please email filming@brent.gov.uk, and we might be able to help. If you already know where you want to film, this is where you make your application.  Please only complete one application and include all locations and unit base.

We will require a film application from you for any of the following:  filming at private property that we are facilitating (i.e parking or traffic management), filming or unit base on council property (i.e parks), any street filming, GV's or driving scenes. For private property filming, please include full address/house number. Please ensure that you include full and correct invoicing details for applications where fees apply, applications will be declined if they do not include this. If you are filming in more than one location, please only complete one application and include all locations and unit base.

You will need to upload any parking request forms, public liability insurance, traffic management plans, resident letters and other supporting documents to the application. Please note that these will no longer be accepted via email. 

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, and submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. There may be a fee to pay if you are using council property or a fee for Film Officer time for street requests. You will receive a film licence for filming/unit base on council property and medium/ high impact street filming. We can now issue you with a 'No Notice of Objection' for basic street filming with minimal crew. 

All payment will be taken via online payments via credit/debit card. All admin fees and officer time (such as, but not limited to, film officer, highways etc) are all non-refundable, please see our parking form for parking cancellation charges and our film licence terms and conditions for location fees. 

Any questions, you can contact us on the above contact details.

Many thanks,

Brent FIlm Office.

FilmApp is being revised all the time, if you have a suggestion about how we might improve the system, please e-mail on support@apply4.com