EventApp Bristol City Council

Before you start an application:

Please read Hold an event in a park, open space or street  before contacting the Site Permissions team. 

Do not apply through EventApp until asked to by the Site Permissions team.

Read our Outdoor Events in Bristol - a guide for event organisers to plan and manage your events effectively, safely, legally - and to the standard expected by Bristol City Council and Bristol’s Safety Advisory Group for Events (SAGE).

We require a minimum of 3 months to process your application and larger events can take up to 12 months planning. Event capacity & time scales for applications

Parks Activities - Find out what you can do in our parks. You must ask for byelaw permission if you charge for an activity in a park or green space.

Event sites - We have a variety of parks and city centre sites – location map. Get in touch if you want to use a space that is not listed.

Marketing or Promotional Activity – the Centre Promenade contains the only sites suitable for this activity. Please email site.permissions@bristol.gov.uk for more information.

Health and safety – We would expect events to follow best practice from The Purple Guide or for smaller events advice from the Health and Safety Executive.  

Purple Guide: Environmental Sustainability – Bristol City Council are committed to improving and protecting the environment for the future. We expect events to work to support this.

Further Information for Event Planning

If you plan to have any licensable activity – such as:

  1. live entertainment such as plays, films, recorded music, indoor sporting events, live music and dance performances
  2. sale of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
  3. sale and supply of alcohol

You will need the relevant license (as well as a site permission permit):

Food Safety - Any food traders must comply with food hygiene legislation.

Electrical Safety - Any electrical installation must be safely installed by a competent person - Electrical Safety at Events Any portable appliances must also be in safe working order. Guidance - Portable Appliance Testing

South West Ambulance Service Team - notify SWAST
SWAST must be notified if over 2000 capacity, or if your event:

  • is new to Bristol
  • is an endurance event
  • will need road closures or is held in the street
  • is political and/or with VIP attendance
  • is at risk of violence or disorder

Street Parties & Road Closures – this takes at least 8-10 weeks

Highways – further info

Please ensure you adhere to Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

If you plan to use drones at your event – please apply to our Film Office for a license. Drone Filming – Bristol Film Office (filmbristol.co.uk)