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If you would like to hold an event in one of Barnet’s parks or greenspaces, you can make your application here. 

Please ensure that you have read our supporting documents, in particular the Event Policy and the associated Terms and Conditions

You will also need to read the ‘Before you apply’ section below, which explains  documents required when submitting an application.

If this is your first time making an online application you will need to register with an account to use the site. The system will remember your details and will store your application and any future applications on your account, allowing you to save and submit at your own convenience. 

Prior to submitting a full application, you will need to ‘Make an initial enquiry’ to confirm that the space you wish to hire is available on your required dates. Once you receive a response and the confirmation to proceed, you can click the ‘Apply to hold an Event’ button'.

EventApp allows you to check the details of your application any time and save or edit the application without submitting it. Please ensure that when you are ready to submit that you click on the submit button at the end of the declaration page or your application will remain in 'draft' status and will not be processed. 

Please note that submitting an application does not mean that your event is confirmed. Your application will be assessed for its suitability and will go through a set process before a decision is made. We will advise you in writing if your application has been accepted.


Please note an application submission fee may apply – see Fees and Charges for details. Once your application has been reviewed and if accepted, we will advise of the full fees associated with the application.

Before you apply

When you make your application, you will need to provide the following information (this can be entered into the form or uploaded through the supporting documents page):

  1. ‘Applicant’ details - the applicant is the individual or organisation as named on the application form, who enters into formal Agreement with the Council and who is responsible for the Event.
  2. The event name, site, anticipated attendance, dates, and timings.
  3. Details of the planned activities taking place e.g., will there be live or recorded music, catering, stalls, animal shows, fireworks, rides, or inflatables (you should include details of all possible activities so that they can be considered).
  4. Details of the infrastructure to be brought to site (it is better to tell us everything that might be present so it can be considered).
  5. Supplementary information to support your application - A site map must be provided at the time of application. Other information can either be included at the time of application or emailed to the events service later (but within the required application deadlines). 
    1. Maps and plans – to show location of the event within the site and major infrastructure 
    2. Health and safety – agreement that the applicant is solely responsible for ensuring the safe delivery the event
    3. Supplier management – details of your supplier management plans, and the supplier checks you will be conducting.
    4. Vehicle management – details of arrangements, restrictions, expected vehicle numbers and consideration of ground protection.
    5. Security and crowd management – details of your security and stewarding arrangements.
    6. Information and welfare – agreement that the appropriate arrangements are in place regarding information sharing and ensuring the welfare of attendees. 
    7. Environment – assurances regarding minimising disruption and adequate provision of sanitary/waste facilities. A noise management plan is required where applicable (music, amplification, or potential for noise disturbance). Waste Management and sustainability must be considered. 
    8. Emergency planning – details of your emergency plans including communications, medical, fire protection and procedures for fire and evacuation.
    9. Risk assessment – a risk assessment must be provided to identify potential risks and ensure appropriate measures are in place to minimise the risks. 
    10. Insurance – proof of event public liability insurance (at least £5m in accordance with the Terms and Conditions) must be provided. 


Events Service: barnet@theeventumbrella.com

Technical Support:
If you having difficulty completing an application, please contact Apply4 on 0203 904 4547 or email: support@apply4.com

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