Are you holding an event in Swale?

Use this EventApp process to tell us about your event and submit your event documentation. It will guide you through the type of things you need to think about when organising an event.

If you would like to watch a video on how to submit your application to Event App, please go to the following link

You as the event organiser, whether an individual, volunteer or professional event staff, have a responsibility to make sure your event is safe for everyone, (attendees, contractors, volunteers and staff) and that the event doesn’t adversely affect the area where it is taking place. You should also make sure your event complies with all the legislation relevant to the activity taking place.

Safety Advisory Group
By using this process you will be given free advice and guidance from the Safety Advisory Group to make sure you deliver a safe event for the public to attend. The group consists of Swale Borough Council departments such as Licensing, Environmental Health, Leisure and Technical Services, along with outside agencies including Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, South East Coast Ambulance Service, NHS, Kent County Council Highways and Building Control. The information you provide will be reviewed by the Safety Advisory Group members, who will give you advice and guidance, where necessary, to make it a safe event.  They are here to help you.

Are you using Council land?
If you are using land owned by Swale Borough Council you will need permission, you will be asked to provide the documentation as described below and also to sign a Memorandum of Agreement, which sets out the terms and conditions for use of that land.

What documentation do you need to fill in?
The documentation you will be asked to provide is listed on the right-hand side of this front page. When you create an account in EventApp it will ask you to fill in some details about your event and also allow you to upload these documents here.

When should you submit your event?
We say on average 14 weeks before your event you should submit your plans to the Safety Advisory Group.  This is especially important if you are applying for a road closure.  This time scale also gives you, the event organiser, as much time as possible to put in place or act on any advice and guidance the Safety Advisory Group offer.

Guidance Documents
  • Event Guidance - Whilst filling out the Event Managment Plan, you will see in the contents it refers to sections of the Event Guidance document.  You should use this guidance document to help you fill in the Event Management Plan.  This document gives guidance on all aspects of organising an event.
  • Road Closure - Depending on the type of event you are organising, will depend on who provides you with your road closure, Swale Borough Council or Kent County Council Highways, who use different legislation for road closures.  Please read the road closure document on the right hand side which will provide you with further details on this process.
  • Covid 19 - There is a document called the Events Industry Forum Covid 19 Working Safely that you should read if you are planning an event and need to think about Covid 19 contingencies.  This document can be found on the right hand side of this page.
If you have any questions about organising an event in Swale, please email or call 01795 417619.

Technical Support:
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