Welcome to FilmApp for Archway Campus

Filming, photography and parking enquiries for Archway Campus are managed exclusively by FilmFixer Ltd on behalf of the owners, Seven Capital PLC. 

This vast site was built as an infirmary in the Victorian period and most recently operated as a campus for University College London and Middlesex University. The derelict six buildings are spread over 160,000sqft / 15,000sqm and are available day and night for filming until further notice. The superb multi-use site could double as a hospital, doctors surgery, school, police station, community centre, municipal offices, canteen, laboratory or sports centre. The front range exterior area off Archway Road spans 16,000sqft / 1,400sqm and will happily fit a Band 1 or 2 unit base or crew cars / tech parking.

We want to help you get your production underway at this stunning location, so if you have not already enquired, please call our team on 020 3904 4545 or email archwaycampus@filmfixer.co.uk.