Welcome to FilmApp for The Peabody Group

FilmFixer has been appointed to manage filming and photography activities on behalf of The Peabody Group - including Thamesmead.

To apply to obtain a permit, click on the link to the right. We believe in fast turnaround times and flexibility for our clients. If you need help call us 020 7620 0391 or email peabody@filmfixer.co.uk. Please note, this page is to apply to conduct filming or photography at private locations owned by The Peabody Group. To film at a council location managed by FilmFixer, please apply separately here.

If you're not already on the system, you will need to register for an account for free. You can use this account for multiple productions - each time you apply for a permit you can either select an 'existing' production or create an entry for a new one. Within each application, you add separate "shoots". Each location should be listed as a separate shoot. Furthermore, a 'unit base' should be listed as a separate "shoot" even if it's at the same location as your filming. Submissions allow us to pencil the location for your dates. 

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and submitted your application, you will receive an automated acknowledgement by email. A Film Officer or Coordinator will be in contact to discuss your application and assess the suitability of your shoot and the availability of the location. If the application is successful, an invoice will follow for the administration cost of processing your application (please see our advertised fees and charges on the right hand side) and location fees where applicable. Additional fees made be incurred for on-site security and parking. Returnable security deposits are taken for most shoots. To pay the invoice, you will be able to use a WorldPay link for payments by card, alternatively BACS payments are accepted. Please note we require payment prior to filming or completion.

FilmApp is being revised all the time, if you have any difficulty or if you have a suggestion about how we might improve the system, please email info@filmapp.com.