Welcome to Film Lambeth

This is the FilmApp site for Film Lambeth. If you are looking for a location, please email filming@lambeth.gov.uk. If you know where you would like to film, please make your application here. Lambeth along with several other London boroughs uses a web based film application process called filmapp, designed to help both the filmmaker and the film officer. 
The system asks you to register yourself. Next time it remembers who you are and allows you to auto-complete the production details. If you are working on a new production, please enter the new production details. 
If you are intending to film driving shots from a moving vehicle, you can simply enter the route you intend to take.
Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. If the application is successful, an invoice will follow for the administration cost of processing your application (please see our advertised fees and charges). There may be additional fees to pay if you are using a park or housing estate or other private land. We require payment prior to filming or completion of any additional works such as parking suspensions. 
If you have any difficulty or any questions, please email us at filming@lambeth.gov.uk
Privacy and Data Protection
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