Holding Events and Promotions in Hammersmith and Fulham

Permission and planning
You do not need permission to hold a small, self organised picnic or children’s party that does not include large infrastructure, inflatables or hot food for under 30 people.
You can have a maximum of one 3m by 3m gazebo (weighted down with sand bags or metal plates, not staked into the ground) and a small picnic table or fold up garden chairs.
Permission is required, and charges apply for BBQs, hot food vendors, bouncy castles or other inflatables.
Bouncy castles and inflatables can be dangerous if not properly managed. They must be PIPA registered and provided by and managed on-site by a professional hire company with up to date and relevant health and safety documentation including public liability insurance, risk assessment and method statement.

It's not possible to give picnics and children's parties exclusive use of any park space.
BBQs are only permitted as part of a professionally organised event approved by the H&F Events Team and operated by a qualified caterer. Charges apply. Please note that during periods of severe hot weather and drought, BBQs may not be permitted to take place.
You will also need permission and charges will apply if your event is organised by a party planner, children’s entertainment or sports company.
You do need permission for holding most events in our parks and open spaces.
Most events are also subject to hire fees. Costs depend on the infrastructure needed and the size, type and number of days on site. For an idea of the cost involved, please email the events team.
Allow yourself enough time to plan properly. You’ll need about 3 months for a small event and at least 6 months for large events and festivals. 
To make an initial enquiry, please email the events team and provide as much detail about your event proposal as possible. 
Some events in parks require a temporary event notice (TEN). The events team will advise you whether you will need to apply for a TEN.
You will be asked to provide compulsory documentation.
Most events require consultation with residents and other park stakeholders. 

Depending on the type and size of your event you may be required to attend a resident consultation meeting. The full consultation process may take between 12-16 weeks.

If at any time during the process the event proposal is rejected, the event will not be able to take place.

Once all paperwork has been received, reviewed and agreed we will issue a booking confirmation.

For more information about the borough’s open spaces and to search for a park, visit our parks and open spaces web page
General dos and don’ts of park use
  • do respect the park and its wildlife, plants and trees, tidy up, take your rubbish away with you and have fun
  • do be mindful of other park users and residents and ensure that you are not causing a disturbance
  • do be aware that some areas of the park may be pre-booked for sports or events use
  • do not use amplified music and PA systems - they are not permitted without prior agreement from the H&F Events Team
  • do not use single use plastic, water bombs, fireworks, pyrotechnics and paper lanterns
  • do not use motorised vehicles as part of your event programme - any vehicle access onto parks and open spaces is strictly prohibited unless permission has been granted by the H&F Events Team
  • do not arrange balloon releases - they are not permitted.
For full details on what is and is not permitted, please see our Park Byelaws (pdf 1.6MB). Park Byelaws must be adhered to.
No single use plastic

As part of our commitment to cut out single use plastic within H&F Council, we ask that all event organisers provide suitable alternatives to single use plastic within their events.
We consider applications for promotions (excluding all Tobacco & Vaping products) in the locations listed below:
Lyric Square (excluding market days on Wed, Thur, Fri)
Shepherds Bush
Jerdan Place
Parsons Green
St. Pauls Green
Important site information applicable to the above locations
General Information
No parking under tree canopies 5mph speed limit (no vehicle movement on Lyric square Booking fee is exempt from VAT
No access to water or power on all sites